Codekavya Community

We are looking for amazing people to join our community.

Codekavya Community is a community of amazing people interested in tech. Our aim is to help you progress in your tech career, grow together and have fun along the way. Connect, learn and grow.


The benefits that you can reap as a community member.

Internship and Placement

Get hold of many internship and placement opportunities.

Meet Ups

Connect with other amazing like-minded people during meetups.

Access to resources

Gain insights into Codekavya's resources, internal projects and R&D.

Workshops and events

Participate in influential techfests ,workshops, conferences and exclusive events.

Swags and More

Receive T-shirts, Stickers, Giveaways and other amazing Swags.

A lot of fun

Have a lot of fun along the way to our common goal.

Community Goals

Our Values

We believe that it is essential for all community members to exemplify and uphold Codekavya Community Values. 


We value honesty and truthfulness in every aspect of community works.


We value development of ideas by fostering creativity and ingenuity in an environment with opportunities for growth and change.

Team Work

We believe in Team Work. Diverse perspectives help us come up with winning innovations.

Giving Back

We believe in giving back to the society that has given us so much.

Be a part of this community

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